Li Ward is a Boston-based wedding & pet photographer. After years of snapping pictures of her own rescue cats, Li started her business, Fat Orange Cat Studio, in 2009. In 2013, she teamed up with our founder, Brittany Bang, to co-produce our organization's photography book, Rescue Pets of Boston: Featuring Boston's Finest. We were lucky enough to chat with Li about her experiences working with Brittany and Audrey's Rescue Angels.

1. Brittany felt it was very important to reach out to you because of your work with her, Rescue Pets of Boston, and other events put on by Audrey’s Rescue Angels such as the kissing booth.  Can you elaborate on why you enjoy working with Audrey’s Rescue Angels?

I've worked with Brittany from day one when she hired me to take photographs of her four-legged crew for the new store she was opening - Audrey's! This was in 2010. We hit it off from the very beginning, and our mutual appreciation for each other's work has turned into collaborations, which turned into another round of cocktails, which turned into another project that was even bigger than the last. If you've talked with Brittany, you'll know right away that her passion and commitment for animal welfare is very real and very contagious. She thinks big, she thinks compassionately, she is fun and she is funny, and so it is always my pleasure to work with her!

2. The book, Rescue Pets of Boston, was quite the undertaking.  Can you tell our readers just a little bit about the process?

From start to finish the book was out in under a year, and together Brittany and I were involved in every single step. We started by reaching out to Boston-area pet owners via social media - Facebook, Twitter, my photography blog, etc. We were able to confirm 75 pets to feature, which was pretty much the number of "models" we hoped to have! It took only the month of May to photograph almost all of the 75 pets who signed up.

After shoots were completed, we picked five to ten of our initial favorite photos for each pet, then further whittled that number down to between one and four. While I designed the album digitally, Brittany was busy collating each pets' biography. I took a day to hand letter each of their names, and incorporated those into the book. We spent a day going all around Boston photographing the cover. The finished design and layout took about 2 weeks. Finding a US-based printer to print the book for the right price took awhile longer and was by far the hardest part of the entire process!

3. Would you ever do another book?

Absolutely. Even before we finished the first book, Brittany and I were coming up with other variations on the Rescue Pets of Boston theme that we knew would be great fun for us to do, be different enough from the first book, while still resonating with pet lovers and at large. We think we have ideas for three more books at least!

4. In the spirit of giving, if you had 1 Million Dollars to help animals, what would you do with the money?

I'd buy a house big enough for my Maine Coon collection. All of them would be rescues of course. I love Maine Coons. Norwegian Forest Cats are welcome too.

5. Do you have an inspirational quote or motto that you would like to share with us?

Just get it done.