“Part of our commitment to our supporters, is to help create a better pet community by providing all sorts of useful information.  Whether it be information on shelters, awesome fundraisers and events, useful products, or highlight others doing good, Audrey’s Rescue Angels wants to help be that resource center.

By now, hopefully many of you have heard of us talking about our friends - Slobbr!  For those of you who have not, Slobbr is going to be the coolest thing to hit the doggie market and we wanted to make sure you hear it here firstt!  What is Slobbr?  In a nutshell, it is an iOS app designed by and for people who choose to live life with their dogs. A gorgeous intersection of dog-friendly information and unique boutique retail products, all in a seamless and chic way.  Launching soon, Slobbr is going to revolutionize the way people who want to spend their free time with their dog by exploring their own neighborhoods, out on road trips, or sniffing out the best local watering holes, even easier.  How cool does that all sound?

We wanted to take a moment to introduce the founder of Slobbr, Michelle Fournier, and give you a bit more background on why you should totally Slobbr! Michelle and Audrey’s Founder, Brittany, had known of each other from the pet industry for several years but their paths had not really crossed until 2014.  Michelle, owner of Durty Harry’s Dog Wash and Pet Boutique in Charlestown and Brookline is a leader in the industry and an all-around an amazing lady to have on your side. Michelle gave Brittany some insights on her dream to help make living life with your dog a bit easier and all out of the palm of your hand!  We love what she is trying to do and are with her 100% of the way. "We have been designing, revamping and in various stages of building Slobbr for years. We have heard what dog owners are looking for and are super confident we are delivering exactly what has been asked for. We can not wait to get into the hands of dog lovers everywhere and so appreciate the support of incredible organizations like Audrey's Rescue Angels as we make this dream a reality."

And to top it all off, Slobbr is our presenting partner for Rescue to Runway: Featuring Boston’s Finest this year!  Back for the second year, we are thrilled to partner with our friends at Slobbr and make this year even more successful than last.  (Do not worry, there will be a blog post about Rescue to Runway too!)

Slobbr is going to bring dog communities together like never before.  To keep up with all the action, make sure you follow Slobbr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Oh, and sign up to get the latest announcements about when you can download the app at www.doyouslobbr.com!”