These days, it seems everyone is obsessing over dogs. There are endless accounts on Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest that are all dedicated to the smushy, lovable faces of puppies and dogs. Now, we have nothing against dogs.  On the contrary, Audrey’s Rescue Angels is named after a most beloved bulldog, but dogs are not the only animals out there.  We want to remind everyone how great rescue cats are too.

In the United States, over 7.6 million cats and dogs enter animal shelters every year.  Of that number, 3.4 million are cats.  Yet, each year, more cats are euthanized than dogs by over 200,000.  And they are adopted less than dogs as well.  Cats are gravely under looked in the rescue system. 

But, cats are just as awesome as dogs!  To start, cats take a note from Beyonce’s book on how to be independent. A cat doesn’t need walked, doesn’t constantly need to be let outside, and they don’t need your undivided supervision. All a cat really wants and needs is your love making them great companions for workaholics and people living in cities.

Next, cats don’t need to be housebroken like dogs.  They are very smart and after a few tries they understand how a litter box works.  You won’t ever have to worry about getting home on time to let them out. 

Lastly, adopting a cat means bothersome barking and whining will never be an issue in your life. Cats are quiet, calm companions who adore affection similar to dogs. However, the only noise that comes along with a cat is a soft purr when you pet them.

It’s important to keep shelter cats in mind when you’re thinking about adopting a pet. Dogs may have a current monopoly over social media but that doesn’t mean you should forget about cats who are just as cute and cuddly. Plus, there are some great cat social media profiles out there!  If you don’t necessarily have a lot of time but you have a lot of love to give, one of the 3.4 million shelter cats is the perfect furry friend for you!