The summer is in full swing, and we wanted to provide helpful tips and pieces of information to allow you to enjoy the beautiful weather WITH your pet while keeping them happy and safe at the same time. 

  • Avoid Overheating: It still amazes us that as many warning that are out there, there are still horrible stories of pets being left locked in cars, kennels, etc., resulting in dehydration and overheating.  PLEASE remember to provide your animals lots of fresh water and keep them in shady and cool places during extreme heat.  Never, EVER leave your pet in a car, even with the windows open.
  • Apply Sunscreen:  YES!  It’s true that pets need sunscreen if they are outside in the hot summer sun.  Pets with light skin and/or short hair are even more susceptible to sunburns.  Pet sunscreens are available and should be fragrance free to prevent breakouts. 
  • Avoid Antifreeze:  Even though antifreeze is something to watch out for year round, cars tend to overheat and leak antifreeze at a heightened rate during the summer months.  Pets find it very tasty, and even in small amounts, antifreeze is poisonous to dogs and cats. 
  • Life Jackets:  While seen as just another accessory to some, life jackets for pets near water and traveling on boats can be lifesaving.  A big wave will not only throw off humans, but animals as well.  One of our favorite brands is Ruffwear if you are looking for suggestions. 
  • Fireworks: While most of us adore watching fireworks burst high in the sky during the summer, a majority of our 4-legged friends do not find them as amusing.  First, be sure to keep fireworks properly stored for everyone’s safety.  Second, if your pet is frightened by fireworks (the same goes for thunder) provide them with a dark and cool space to hide.  Try to turn on “white noise” such as fans to help drown out the noise. 
    • While this may not work for everyone, I can personally say that we adore our ThunderShirt.  This dog wrap is a wonderful solution for situational anxiety.  The wrap mimics swaddling a baby, and applies gentle pressures to keep your pet feeling calm and safe.  The company is wonderful to work with and has a 100% money back guarantee if the ThunderShirt does not work for your pet. 

Now, get out and have an amazing summer with these tips in mind!  Summer is so short, so enjoy it while you can!