This week we are excited to highlight one of the industry’s best, Michelle Fournier, owner of Durty Harry’s Doggie Boutiques and Founder of the doggie lifestyle app, Slobbr.  In 2014 Michelle teamed up with Audrey’s Rescue Angels to help host one of the most talked about animal welfare fundraising events Boston had ever seen called Rescue the Runway.  Ever since, Michelle has been an amazing supporter of our organization and we couldn’t be more appreciative. 


1. Brittany felt it was very important to reach out to you because of your work with her and Rescue the Runway?  Can you elaborate on why you enjoy working with Audrey’s Rescue Angels?

I came up with the idea of Rescue the Runway one evening, inspired by an event I saw being hosted by a like business in Chicago. I knew that I would need to partner with someone in order to make an event like RTR come alive and be successful. Though I hadn't known Brittany personally, I knew of her and had respected her work at her Newbury Street boutique, Audrey's. It just seemed to me to be a natural fit. I reached out to her, and as they say, the rest is history!

2. I understand you’re on the board of Last Hope K9 Rescue, can you tell us a bit about that organization and why it is special.

I am proud to be on the Board of Directors for Last Hope K9 Rescue. Prior to opening Durty Harry's, I truly had no knowledge of dog rescue, never mind the intricacies and inner workings of rescue. I am inspired every day by the work that these volunteers do to save the lives of literally thousands of dogs a year. LHK9 has grown exponentially over the past couple years, and with that comes more saved lives. It's wonderful to be so close to this.

3. Rescue the Runway was a huge success, especially for its inaugural year.  Can you tell our readers a bit about what it was like to put on such an event?

Stressful, HA! But seriously, it was pretty incredible. Britt and I worked tirelessly on every single detail, making sure we had thought of everything from take home treats, to our celebrity models, to our sponsors, and more. It was critical to the life expectancy of RTR and our future events that the inaugural show go off beautifully. And happily, it did. It was so much work, but in the end we were able to donate money to four deserving rescue/shelters and that is what it is all about.

4. Can we ask if there will be a Rescue the Runway in 2015?

 Yes, our 2015 event will be held at the Hotel Commonwealth on Thursday, September 10th. 

5. In the spirit of giving, if you had 1 Million Dollars to help animals, what would you do with the money?

That's a difficult question. There are so many worthy organizations out there trying to do such good work that I would likely distribute it to them. I would love to say I'd get a farm and rescue one until there are none. But again, so many good, worthy organizations currently exist that I feel like supporting them would be my angle. But who knows!

6. Do you have an inspirational quote or motto that you would like to share with us?

Educate, educate, educate. I just refer to my personal experience where I was a "dog" person pre-Durty Harry's, but I knew nothing about rescue. There are a lot of people who are where I was and if we shine the light on it, maybe we can save some ore pups.