In addition to helping animals, which is obviously our main goal, the greatest joy of running Audrey’s Rescue Angels has been meeting some of the most amazing, and selfless people who all have the same wants, wishes, and desires that we have… to help rescue abandoned, neglected, and homeless animals.  We are humbled by how dedicated individuals are and that’s why we are excited to highlight our friend, Becky, and the work she does for one of our favorite organizations, PAWS New England.  Becky, we will never be able to thank you enough for the work you do to help give so many dogs the second chance they truly deserve. 


1.  Can you please elaborate on your organization, your mission, and your organization goals?

Eight years [since our founding], PAWS New England now has over 100 volunteers (with no paid employees), and a wonderful network of foster homes and rescue partners, including New England shelters, veterinarians and trainers. Based out of Barrington, Rhode Island, Paws New England has become one of the most recognized rescues in the area.

Paws New England started with a simple mission: save lives, one dog at a time. Over the last eight years, more than 7000 dogs from Tennessee, Missouri, our local communities, and various other shelters throughout the country have been put into loving homes.

2.  How did your relationship with Audrey’s Rescue Angels begin and how long have you been working with them?

We have been working with Audrey's Rescue Angels since the summer of 2014. At the time I was working at Durty Harry's and was asked to be on the committee for the event. When we were discussing who would be the beneficiaries of the event I of course piped up and suggested PAWS New England.

3.  How has the work of Audrey’s Rescue Angels positively impacted your organization?

Working with Audrey's Rescue Angels has been hugely beneficial for PAWS New England. Our inaugural event, Rescue to Runway, with ARA was multifaceted. On a base level we received a very generous cash donation which allowed us to continue our work at a point when we were buried in overwhelming vet bills. In addition to the cash donation the exposure to the city of Boston was priceless. Not only were there many A-list Bostonians who volunteered and attended but there were numerous articles and blogs about the event which mentioned PAWS NE. Last but not least we have a number of dogs adopted by people who met them at the event. Our favorite adoption from the event was Layla. Layla is a very senior yellow lab who is blind. While walking down the runway with Jerry Thornton Layla decided she was over it and she laid down on the middle of the runway and chewed on her bone. At that moment she stole the hearts of her new family and they applied to adopt her immediately. ARA continues to promote PAWS NE and spread information about our organization. We can't wait until Rescue to Runway 2015.

4.  What would your organization do with a 1 Million Dollar donation?

A 1 million dollar donation is almost unimaginable. What holds us back the most, beyond unlimited cash which we always find a way to get past, is the lack of foster homes. With a 1 million dollar donation we would invest in a PAWS Sanctuary. A place where our dogs could live happily and healthily while waiting for their forever families. We would still utilize our foster homes because there is nothing like being a part of a family and living in a home environment but a sanctuary would allow us to greatly increase the number of dogs that we are able to help each year. We'd love to have a little store front at this facility where would could sell dogs products that would help fund our mission and would increase the foot traffic and the number of people meeting our adoptable dogs.

5.  Do you have an inspirational quote or motto that you would like to share with us? 

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”  ― Karen Davison