They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I have concluded that most great things aren’t.  Most great things start small.  Very small.  And take a long, long time to build.  They start off as an idea, a hope, or even a doodle on a cocktail napkin (or in my friend Jen’s case, notes in her iPhone.) And behind most great things are a series of stumbles and curve balls that I like to refer to as life lessons.  

I am not suggesting that Audrey’s Rescue Angels has hit “great” status yet, but I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of this organization and where we have come in just two short years.  April 1st is a very memorable day for me as it was exactly two years ago today that I had to close my beloved store Audrey’s.  Two years ago today I was a wreck.  But today, I can say I am the happiest professionally I have been in a long time and that is thanks to ALL OF YOU who have made Audrey’s Rescue Angels successful. 

I founded ARA in the summer of 2013 after the encouragement of so many amazing friends and customers I had met while running my retail store.  I wanted to structure Audrey’s Rescue Angels as a grant organization that would help pre-existing animal welfare groups by harnessing community support and giving back to those in need.  I knew that our supporters WANTED to give back and donate both their time and resources but did not always know how to approach this.  We wanted to create a platform that made it easy to get involved, donate, and educate about the importance of rescue & advocacy work - and have a little fun along the way!

Starting a non-profit has been eye-opening and harder than I ever thought but I have loved each and every minute of the challenge.  In the past 20 months we have self-published our book - Rescue Pets of Boston, developed our signature fall event - Rescue the Runway: Featuring Boston’s Finest, launched a new website, attended dozens charitable events, debuted our very own kissing booth, and teamed up with countless partners around the city to help raise critical awareness and funds for animal welfare organizations. 

We are actively working VERY hard on many new and exciting programs for ARA to help further our mission and expand our network while staying in touch with all of you.  This is just the beginning!

I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your help, guidance, friendship, and support along the way.  While we might not yet be at “great” status, we are well on our way and I can only dream of what the next two years will bring to our organization.  On behalf of the countless animals who have and will continue to benefit directly from your support, we say THANK YOU!

All my gratitude,

Brittany & the Audrey’s Rescue Angels Family


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