You have hopefully seen us talking about our book, Rescue Pets of Boston: At Home with the City's Luckiest Pets, but do you know the back story of how it came to be?  This book was our first official fundraising project for Audrey's Rescue Angels, but it truly represents so much more. 

Rescue Pets of Boston was self-published by Audrey's Rescue Angels founder, Brittany Bang, and Boston photographer, Li Ward, of Fat Orange Cat Studio.  Brittany and Li had worked together on several small projects throughout the years when Brittany had her retail store on Newbury Street, and their working relationship grew into a friendship as they bonded over their love of small business, long boozy lunches, and of course cats.  When Brittany found out that she was being forced to close her store due to an excessive rent increase, Li was one of her biggest supporters. 

One day, over a long lunch, Brittany asked Li if she would consider working on a photography book together.  The book would be all about rescue pets.  It would attempt to show that rescues are all beautiful, special, and unique through the power of stunning photography.  The book would benefit the animals who were still waiting to find their forever homes as 100% of the proceeds would go to rescue groups and animal welfare charities.  Much to Brittany's amazement, Li agreed without hesitation, and the duo started working immediately in the spring of 2013. 

Rescue Pets of Boston is so much more than a book.  It represents countless of hours of blood, sweat, and tears.  The process of self-publishing this book was more challenging than we had ever expected, but also more rewarding.  To see the faces of someone looking though the book for the first time, and being inspired by these once homeless animals, is more gratifying than you could ever imagine.  But what is truly the greatest gift of all is being able to donate so much money back to our charitable partners. 

Please remember that this truly is the gift that keeps on giving.  Not only will this book be a beautiful gift to give (or receive), but it will also make a HUGE impact in the lives of homeless animals. 

Top 5 reasons Rescue Pets of Boston makes a great holiday gift:

  1. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to local animal related charities - so you'll be giving twice!
  2. Someone reading your copy of Rescue Pets of Boston could be inspired to adopt a pet. You'll not only be supporting local animal charities, but helping a four-legged friend find their forever home.
  3. Don't you know a coffee table that could use a little jazzing up?
  4. Reading the stories of local rescue pets together is a great way to teach kids about pet adoption.
  5. By supporting this book, you're also helping the numerous local artisans and small businesses who helped make this project possible. 

Rescue Pets of Boston embodies everything we do here at Audrey's Rescue Angels. We would love if you'd consider buying a copy this holiday season.  We are so excited that in addition to purchasing our book online, you have two fantastic opportunities coming up where Li and I will be hosting Photos with Santa and personally signing books just in time for the holidays.  Please consider joining us at the South End Buttery on Saturday, December 5th from 11-1pm or again on Wednesday, December 9th at the Prudential Center from 6-8pm.