Thanksgiving is just a day away, which means it's almost time to indulge in one of the best meals of the year! Turkey, stuffing, pies and more will be on the table, and if you have a four-legged friend, you'll likely be tempted to share some of the tasty treats. Before you toss some leftovers in your pet's dish, we wanted to share some holiday food DO's and DONT's from PetMd and the Animal League to help keep your pet's holiday happy and healthy.

DO share:

  • Turkey - Maybe the most quintessential dish on most Thanksgiving tables can also be added to your dog's holiday meal. Be sure there are no bones and that the meat is fully cooked.
  • Mashed potatoes - Potatoes can be a great snack for dogs, but make sure the mashed potatoes are pure. Salt, butter and milk can be problematic for pets - so think about giving them a taste before you add on the extras.
  • Green beans and other fresh veggies - Just like people, veggies can be very beneficial to a pet's diet. Just like mashed potatoes though, be aware of the different ingredients often added to veggies on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Pumpkin - Pure pumpkin is full of fiber, moisture and Vitamin C which can all be beneficial to your pet's diet. This is another food you want to double check before putting onto your pet's plate, though. Avoid sharing that sugary slice of pumpkin pie, but do share the pure pumpkin puree you used to make it!

DON'T share:

  • Bones - Bone shaped treats may be your dog's favorite snack, but the actual thing can block his throat or cause digestive problems.
  • Onions - Onions and onion powder can lead to anemia in cats and dogs. These ingredients are often used in many Thanksgiving recipes, so think twice before you share most leftovers.
  • Chocolate and other sweets - Best to keep your pet away from the dessert table altogether. Chocolate and large amounts of sugar can be toxic for them!
  • Grapes and raisins - These can lead to kidney damage for both cats and dogs. Keep an eye out - they can be easily forgotten on top of your casseroles or desserts. 

While you're cooking...add some pet treats to the kitchen!

Check out our friend Emily's DIY dog treats - featuring sweet potato baby food! - with help from this fun and easy-follow video. Be sure to check out the rest of Emily's Fedwell website for more tips and tricks for helping your dog maintain a healthy diet.

From all of us at Audrey's Rescue Angels: Happy Thanksgiving!