"Gobi is the best thing that happened to my husband and me. He can sometimes be a punk, but who doesn't have their moments?!" -Sabina Keif, Gobi's Mom

 Gobi poses for the camera

Gobi poses for the camera

It can be tough being a pit bull. Thanks to their history, and some not-so-great owners, the breed has a bad reputation for being aggressive, violent, and dangerous. In honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Day, and with the help of our friend Gobi (featured in our summer project "New Faces of the South End Buttery"), we want to help bring an end to the misconceptions about this fun and loyal breed of dog. 


Throughout history, pit bulls have been portrayed as fighters. OK, well at least from the start of the breed. According to the ASPCA, today's pit bulls are descendants of the English bull-baiting dog. These pets were bred to help in the hunt - holding bulls, bears, and other large animals by the head until the hunters could get the situation under control. Thankfully, this type of hunting was outlawed in the 1800's, but instead of stopping there, owners started fighting the dogs against each other. TERRIBLE! We know, but that's where it all began.


Pit bulls are loving, intelligent, loyal, and very active dogs! Yes, some can be aggressive, but that has everything to do with the way the pet was brought up, and much less to do with the actual dog herself. If you are considering adopting a pit bull, like any adoption, there are a few key things to think about:

  • Play Time! - Pit bulls are going to be active both inside and outside. Owners need to be ready to spend some time running around outside each day to help get that energy out!
  • Training - Learning how to be around other dogs and follow rules will help make life at home, and out of the home, easier for both you and your pit bull.
  • Be a Breed Advocate - If you do adopt a pit bull, help spread awareness about the breed and how wonderful your new family member is!
 Lilly the Hero Pitbull enjoys time outside

Lilly the Hero Pitbull enjoys time outside


We mentioned one of our favorite pit bulls, Gobi, who lives right here in the Bay State. Be sure to follow his Instagram to see just how playful and precious he is.

Lilly the Hero Pit Bull is a Boston celebrity - famous for saving her owner from a speeding train, and giving up one of her legs during the heroic act. You can't get much more loyal than that!

PitFit Apparel, based right here in Boston, is helping to end the misconceptions about pit bulls through fashion for both humans and dogs.

Help support the pit bull cause, and show them your love whenever you get the chance!